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This website offers products that will help you reduce the threat of illnesses caused, at least in part, by environmental influences... Alzheimer's disease, asthma, heart disease, SIDS, autism, depression, arthritis, allergies, immune system dysfunction, fibromyalgia, central nervous system dysfunction, anemia, emphysema, chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as most forms of cancer.

We bring you non-toxic products such as mattresses, bedding, furniture, carpeting and rugs, water filtration systems and air purifiers that we have researched for use in our own home to protect our family, in hopes of helping you create a cleaner indoor environment for you and your loved ones. This will be a continually expanding product line-up as we do the legwork for those of you who want to protect your family's health.

NO SALES TAX charged to any state in the USA!

Organic • Green • Sustainable

Pollution from toxic chemicals and global warming are CRITICAL issues today. If we don't reverse the environmental degradation and destruction caused by the use of toxic chemicals and fossil fuels, the outlook for our children's future on this earth is bleak.

The organic and natural/sustainable-source products we offer are not only good for your health; they are good for the environment...

BedWorks of Maine, Pacific Rim, and Dapwood non-toxic, natural, solid wood bedroom furniture

For many decades, BedWorks of Maine, Pacific Rim, and Dapwood have been crafting furniture in the USA of renewable, sustainable, domestic hardwoods. Any glue used in production is water-based, and they offer unfinished furniture as well as a variety of non-toxic wood finishes.

Earthweave and Nature's Carpet non-toxic, natural wool carpeting; Earthweave, Nature's Carpet and Hook & Loom natural wool rugs

100% sustainable resource floor coverings. These rugs, carpet and padding are 100% biodegradable and can be commercially composted at the end of their long life, unlike floor coverings made from non-renewable petrochemicals like nylon and polyester.

Natural latex (rubber) mattresses covered with organic cotton and eco wool; natural-fill pillows

Unlike synthetic rubber made from petroleum and steel made from scarce, non-renewable raw materials, the natural rubber used in our mattresses is a renewable resource and there are no toxic substances or ozone-depleting agents used in its production. NEW SUPPLIER COMING SOON!

Organic cotton and wool bedding

Organic agriculture doesn't use toxic, persistent pesticides and herbicides. The manufacture of organic bedding uses no formaldehyde, flame-retardants and other toxic chemicals, and produces no dioxins from bleaching. Colors are produced using low-impact environmental dyes.

Soaring Heart organic cotton, latex & wool beds

Soaring Heart uses all organic materials in their mattresses, futons, shikibutons and bedding. All of their cotton and wool is grown in the United States, and all products are hand-crafted in Seattle, WA.


Organic Beds & Mattresses

Futons, shikibutons, mattresses w/organic cotton, organic latex & organic wool
Organic Latex mattresses w/organic cotton & organic wool

Organic innerspring mattresses (new supplier coming soon)
Natural wood foundations w/organic cotton cover (new supplier coming soon)

Organic Bedding & Linens

Luxurious organic cotton sheets
Super-soft organic cotton and wool blankets
Organic cotton and wool mattress pads & mattress toppers
Organic wool and cotton comforters
Organic wool, natural latex, kapok & other natural-fill pillows
Organic cotton barrier covers

Non-toxic Furniture & Home Improvement

Organic sofas
Platform & box spring beds & casegoods by Pacific Rim
Beds & dressers by Bedworks of Maine
Beds & tables by Dapwood
Wardrobes, nightstands, desks, drawer towers by Pacific Rim

Natural wool rugs & carpeting by Earth Weave
Natural wool rugs by Hook & Loom
Natural wool rugs & carpeting by Nature's Carpet
Air purifiers from Austin Air and E.L.Foust
Water purifiers from LivingWaters and Berkey

Natural health information and resources

Recommended products, services, books, websites

Greenguard certified organic mattresses
GOTS Global Organic Textile Standards
USDA Organic cotton
GOLS certified organic latex

GOLS Global Organic Latex Standards

Not all products have all of these certifications and some products have other certifications.


New products and lower prices!

Nature's Carpet sale!

NEW! Dapwood bedroom furniture

NEW! BedWorks of
Maine Furniture

NEW! Natural Wool Rugs by
Hook & Loom

Listen to interview with Earth Weave Carpet's founder James Stinnet 

GMOs Present a Very Serious Health and Environmental Problem


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Union of Concerned Scientists


Earth Justice
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League of Conservation Voters

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