Earth Weave Natural Fiber Non-Toxic Wool Carpet & Area Rugs

Earth Weave Natural Wool Carpet RugsThis is a carpet unlike any other produced in North America. It is chemical-free, biodegradable, and the raw materials used in its production are 100% natural and renewable.

  • The face fiber of Earth Weave's Bio-Floor™ and OrganoSoftColors™ carpet and area rugs is 100% natural wool from the United Kingdom, shorn from sheep grown under controlled conditions to meet the country's high standards of animal health and welfare.
  • Unlike most commercially available wool carpeting and rugs, there are no pesticides or stain-proofing chemicals applied.
  • Natural hemp and cotton are used as the primary backing materials—no synthetics or polypropylene. The secondary backing is made from jute—a hardy, earth-friendly, fiber-producing plant.
  • The adhesive that Earth Weave uses to lock the wool yarns in place is 100% natural, biodegradable rubber, grown in South America. See the column on the right to understand why this is so important.

Benefits of Wool

The carpet is in and it's absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you so much. Now I have a clear conscience and beauty... I knew it was possible! —J.H., Pennsylvania

Wool fibers are elastic, and when crushed or stretched, their resilience enables them to spring back to their original shape, unlike synthetics that pill and wear in high-traffic areas and matte down beneath furniture. In addition, the scales on wool fibers hold onto dirt until it is vacuumed away, which helps the carpet stay cleaner. And wool fibers absorb airborne pollutants, so wool carpeting can actually help clean the air in your home! Plus wool is fire retardant, so no flame-proofing chemicals are needed.

These elements make Earth Weave's carpet and area rugs beautiful, durable and comfortable, as well as supportive of healthy indoor air quality and the environment. The product is available as broadloom (wall-to-wall) carpeting and as area rugs. Earth Weave's Enertia™wool padding and natural rubber rug grippers are available as non-toxic underlayment for your beautiful new carpet and rugs.

BEWARE OF GREEN-WASHING... Most wool carpet on the market today is made with toxic chemical adhesives and dyes, synthetic backing, and have pesticides applied. Earth Weave and Nature's Carpet Dark Green are the only carpets we have found that are truly non-toxic.

I've had Earth Weave wall-to-wall carpet in my house for the last 11 years. I love it. It looks like the day it was installed!
Christine G., Voorheesville, New York

Sustainability / Recycling / Composting

We chose to represent Earth Weave not only because their products are wonderful and healthy, but also because they are committed to 100% sustainable resource floor coverings. They do not manufacture from non-renewable resources, including the "recycled pop bottle" products gaining popularity today. For although these recycled products are marketed as environmentally friendly, virtually all consumer floor coverings end up in a landfill after use. Earth Weave carpet is biodegradable, and unlike floor coverings made from petrochemical-based products like recycled plastic bottles, it can be composted at the end of its useful life and returned to the earth to feed plants and trees.

Please consider recycling your old synthetic carpet, or composting if it's made of a natural fiber. 3½ to 4 billion pounds of carpet is discarded every year, which accounts for 2% of all solid waste by volume. Two percent may not seem like a large amount, but since carpets are just one among many thousands of waste products that end up in landfills it represents a huge problem. Some recyclers accept used nylon carpeting; and depending on the fiber and condition some will pick-up and/or recycle it at no charge. Please see to find a recycler near you or try searching your local and state websites. To find a composter for your old natural fiber carpeting, see the national database of commercial composters at

BEWARE OF GREEN-WASHING... You may have heard of Green Label and Green Label Plus certification. These programs were developed by the Carpet and Rug Institute, a carpet manufacturers' membership organization. While we applaud efforts to reduce toxic chemicals in carpets, we question the benefit of these certifications because most carpets that are made with petroleum-based materials and emit harmful VOCs are able to qualify for these certifications. The carpet and rugs we carry are made with 100% percent natural materials, so there are no toxic chemicals to off-gas!

Bio-Floor™ Collection: Dolomite, Pyrenees, McKinley, Rainier
Earth Weave's Bio-Floor carpet line has been the healthiest carpet on the market for almost 20 years. In addition to the benefits listed above, this product uses only naturally pigmented wool fibers for coloration. See photos below.

Earth Weave Catskill carpetOrganoSoftColors™ : Catskill  
The OrganoSoftColors™ line from Earth Weave is manufactured with similar criteria as their venerable Bio-Floor™ line. In addition, they have developed an organic dye process that achieves a style and luxurious texture never before seen in a non-toxic product. The OrganoSoftColors name is a play on all of the elements of this unique product: Organically Dyed, Luxuriously Soft, Colored Wool. The first carpet in the line is Catskill, which is a chunky, variable texture, cut-pile. See photos below. Please note that this style sheds more than the others because it is a cut pile instead of looped, and this shedding is not considered a manufacturing defect. (see details)

Why Natural Fiber Carpeting?

Asthma, allergies, multiple chemical sensitivities and environmental illness are on the rise, as people—both young and old—are exposed to low levels of toxic chemicals in their homes, schools, and work places. Health complaints associated with synthetic carpets and carpets made with chemical adhesives include serious neurological, central nervous system and respiratory problems.

Two pounds of styrene butadiene latex adhesive—a highly reactive compound—is applied to each square yard of most carpets. Other toxic chemicals found in conventional floor coverings include polypropylene, urethane, synthetic rubber, synthetic dyes, stain repellents, antistatic chemicals, antimicrobials, and pesticides. Most of these chemicals off-gas into the air. Avoiding these airborne toxins is important for everyone concerned with health, and especially families with children who crawl and play on the floor. For more information on carpet dangers see links below.

44 Toxic Chemicals in Carpet That Could Be Destroying Your Health

CARPET CONCERNS: Physicians Speak Up as Medical Evidence Mounts

Can School Carpet Affect a Child's Health?

“Our Toxic World” by Dr. Doris Rapp

Carpeting and Children’s Health

Office Workers and the “Sick Building”

The Earth Weave Commitment

Earth Weave Carpet Mills, Inc. is in business to manufacture and promote renewable resource floor covering products for the 21st Century. Their commitment lies not in recycling petrochemical products, but rather in taking advantage of the ultimate manufacturer; Mother Nature, and her renewable natural resources.

Using Mother Nature's vast renewable resources, Earth Weave manufactures innovative, high quality floor coverings for both residential and light commercial applications.

SEE EARTH WEAVE FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Interview with James Stinnett Earth Weave founderListen to interview with James Stinnett, founder of Earth Weave, on Debra Lynn Dadd's Toxic Free Talk Radio (6/30/14).








Silver Birch


Dried Thistle
McKinley Pewter
McKinley Anthracite



Face Weight: 30 oz.
Thickness: 3/16 inch
Width: 12'
Tufted textured loop
Full Roll (> 120 sq yd) =$49  SALE: $45.90 /sq yd
Cut Roll (< 120 sq yd, min 12) = $53  SALE: $48.94 /sq yd
4X6 area rug = $275
6X9 area rug = $528
8X10 area rug = $741
10X12 area rug = $983

Face Weight: 44 oz.
Thickness: 3/8 inch
Width: 12'
Tufted textured loop
Full Roll (> 120 sq yd) =$57  SALE: $53.33 /sq yd
Cut Roll (< 120 sq yd, min 12) = $61  SALE: $56.70 /sq yd
4X6 area rug = $350
6X9 area rug = $591
8X10 area rug = $865
10X12 area rug = $1,133

Face Weight: 44 oz.
Thickness: 3/8 inch
Width: 12'
Tufted random tip shear
Full Roll (> 120 sq yd) =$61  SALE: $57.04 /sq yd
Cut Roll (< 120 sq yd, min 12) = $65   SALE: $60.08 /sq yd
4X6 area rug = $367
6X9 area rug = $608
8X10 area rug = $901
10X12 area rug = $1,284

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OrganoSoftColors™ CATSKILL

Sand Dollar 
Pyrenees Sand Dollar
Pyrenees Wheat
Pyrenees Buckskin
Pyrenees Chestnut
Pyrenees Flint
Pyrenees Steel
Catskill Heron
Catskill Palomino
Catskill Otter
Catskill Brindle
Barred Owl
Catskill Barred Owl

Catskill Seal
Earth Weave Catskill Organic Catskill carpet

Face Weight: 38 oz.
Thickness: 1/4 inch
Width: 12'
Tufted textured loop
Full Roll (> 120 sq yd) = $55  SALE: $51.30 /sq yd
Cut Roll (< 120 sq yd, min 12) = $58  SALE: $54.34 /sq yd
4X6 area rug = $333
6X9 area rug = $566
8X10 area rug = $826
10X12 area rug = $1,093

Face Weight: 65 oz.
Thickness: 1/2 inch
Width: 13' feet 2"
Variable texture, cut-pile
Full Roll (> 120 sq yd) =$91  SALE: $85.05 /sq yd
Cut Roll (< 120 sq yd, min 12) = $94  SALE: $87.75 /sq yd
4X6 area rug = $404
5x8 area rug = $619
6X9 area rug = $746
8X10 area rug = $1,179
10X12 area rug = $1,749


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Wall-to-Wall carpet: FR (full roll) > 120 square yards; C/R (cut roll) < 120 square yards. Price shown is per square yard. Minimum cut = 12 square yards.
Custom-size area rugs are available, contact us for a quote. Natural rubber grippers for area rugs are shown below.

PHOTOS and SPECS: Click photos for larger images. Actual color may be different than appears online. No warranty is made as to individual reactions, physical or otherwise, regarding this carpet and its effects. As this is a natural product, we do not warrant for any smells or odors.

SWATCHES: To see, feel, and smell in person we can send you swatches. Email us your style/color choices for up to six swatches at no charge. Additional samples can be purchased for $1 each; a sample board with all 32 styles and colors is $20 + $10 shipping:

CONSTRUCTION: All Earth Weave carpets and rugs are made in the USA of 100% untreated, chemical-free wool.

SHIPPING: FedEx Ground shipping for a rug in the continental USA: 4X6 = $35; 5X8 = $49; 6X9 = $79; 8X10 = $139. This cost is based on weight, so there is no discount for multiple rugs unless one is larger than 8x10. For a shipping quote for larger rugs, other areas, and wall-to-wall carpet, click the "buy" link above, put the item(s) in your shopping cart, and fill out your destination info and we will reply with a shipping quote within one business day. Note that carpeting and rugs shipped to a residence that are too large for FedEx will be delivered curbside by common carrier.

LEAD TIME: Carpet orders typically ship from the warehouse in Georgia within a week unless the style/color is backordered. Most rugs are made to order and may take 3-6 weeks to complete, or longer during the holidays. We will send you tracking information when your order is shipped.

MEASURING ROOMS:  If you don't know your square yardage, send us a floorplan with the dimensions of each room you want carpeted and we can provide a "ballpark" estimate. This service is provided for estimating purposes only. It is VERY important to have an installer measure prior to ordering to make sure he will commit to doing the job with the quantity you order.

CARPET INSTALLERS: To find a certified floor covering installer in your area, go to Other good referral sources are the Better Business Bureau, Angie's List and Yelp; as well as local home builders, architects and remodeling contractors.

SEAM TAPE: To make sure your installed carpet remains as pure as possible, ask your installer to use a low-VOC seam tape. One that we've found is described here: (scroll down that page to a link to the MSDS)

100% Natural Wool Area Rugs

Earth Weave's wonderful wool carpeting is also available as area rugs. Enjoy all the beauty and benefits of 100% natural materials while providing warmth and comfort to your hard-surface floors. The same natural yarn that is used on the face of the carpet is used to serge the edges for a high end look. This edge finish is durable and more elegant that the binding procedures used by many rug makers. Rug sizes include:

  • 4X6
  • 6X9
  • 8X10
  • I just wanted to let you know we LOVE the rug. It's absolutely beautiful. Much softer than I thought it would be, and very high quality. Thanks!
    —Honor P., Michigan

  • Custom sizes are also available

See carpet photos above for styles, colors and prices. See below for Earth Weave's natural rubber grippers that provide the perfect non-toxic underlayment for these amazing rugs.

Also see natural wool rugs by Hook & Loom.


Wow! What a difference the rug makes in the warmth of the room. Our temps went down to the teens last night here in Boston area and the room was so cozy. Looks terrific too! Donna B., Stow, MA


Enertia™ Carpet Padding

Earth Weave's Enertia™ 100% natural wool carpet padding is a blend of coarse, naturally pigmented wools, mechanically needled (not glued) together.

It is free of dyes, glues, pesticides, adhesives and other chemicals. Color will vary from charcoal brown to tan, depending upon fiber availability, and some vegetable matter may be present. Average thickness is 7/16 inch. Average weight is 40 oz/sq. yd.

This 100% natural padding will remain cushy even under high traffic, and will provide many years of service before it needs to be replaced. When it does, we urge customers to recycle it to the garden where it will safely biodegrade while serving as an effective weed barrier and mulch. Over a period of 2-3 seasons, the padding will completely disappear, adding nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil.

NOTE: Individuals who are sensitive to animal fibers can contact us for a sample before ordering.

$315 for 25 square yard roll (6' X 37.5'). Or $236.25/roll with Earth Weave carpet purchase (25% OFF). Buy Enertia padding Though usually not recommended for use under area rugs, the padding may be available in a half roll with the purchase of an Earth Weave rug; contact us for information, availability and pricing.

I purchased a Crate & Barrel rug and several rugs from Pottery Barn. I returned them all due to the smell. At Crate & Barrel they told me that the odor was probably moth spray applied for the trip from was awful. Pottery Barn told me that 5-10% of their rugs are returned because of off-gassing. So every time I see my new Earth Weave rug I smile because it looks so nice, feels so good, and doesn't smell! Kathleen R., California

100% Natural Rubber Rug Gripper

Enhance your area rug's comfort and performance with Earth Weave's durable, all natural rubber gripper. This 100% natural rubber pad will provide a safe, non-skid foundation for your area rugs.

Unlike synthetic rubber made from petroleum, natural rubber is an excellent environmental choice. It is a renewable resource, originating in South America from natural latex which is tapped from the Hevea Brasiliensis—commonly known as a rubber tree. The rubber gripper material is made in the USA. There are no toxic substances or ozone-depleting agents used in manufacturing it, and rubber plantations help combat the greenhouse effect.

I must tell you how happy I am with the rug grippers. I took them out of the package and laid them under my rugs and there was no toxic smell. I’ve been looking for these for a long time.Shelley J., Arlington, VA

The pad will not stain any type of floor, and can be easily cut with scissors to custom-fit any size rug. Average thickness is 1/8 inch. Standard sizes range from 2X3 to 10X14, see below for prices and shipping to the continental USA. Contact us for custom sizes and shipping costs to other areas. NOTE: Individuals who are sensitive to natural rubber or latex can contact us for a sample before ordering.








2' x 3'



6' X 9'




2' x 8'



8' x 10'




3' x 5'



9' x 12'




4' x 6'



10' x 12'




5' x 8'



10' x 14'





35% OFF rubber grippers with
purchase of an Earth Weave area rug.


Contact us
for swatches and a quote on custom area rug sizes. For shipping costs not listed above, click the "buy" link, put the item(s) in your shopping cart, and fill out your destination info and we will reply with a quote within 1-2 business days.

See Earth Weave FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Cleaning Guidelines

As with all quality natural fiber carpets, vacuuming Earth Weave carpet and area rugs with a suction-only vacuum cleaner is recommended. Beater bar vacuum cleaners may damage the surface pile of this product. Proper vacuuming on a regular basis will improve performance, however Dyson vacuums are not recommended, as their suction is too great. Use only wool approved cleaners for removing stains. Do not vigorously rub the affected area; blot instead with a clean rag. If stain persists, contact a professional cleaner and be sure they use cleaning products designed for wool and natural fibers. Host carpet cleaning products are recommended by Earth Weave. Host makes do-it-yourself products, and also has a nationwide network of carpet cleaners who use their professional system.

Specifications, Warranty, Returns

Earth Weave carpeting meets or exceeds the Methenamine Pill Test flammability requirements for carpets and area rugs. Due to the natural fiber content, specifications are subject to nominal manufacturing variances. Supply or manufacturing changes may facilitate product changes without notice. Please contact Earth Weave Carpet Mills, Inc. to verify specifications. Yarn lot variances occur in natural fiber carpets; therefore, actual merchandise is not guaranteed to match samples. Natural fiber carpets vary in texture and color. Slight variances in texture and color are normal and do not constitute a manufacturing defect. This product carries a manufacturing defect warranty and is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of 5 years. Matting, crushing, soiling, staining, or any other changes in appearance are not considered manufacturing defects and are excluded from this warranty. No warranty is made as to individual reactions, physical or otherwise, regarding this carpet and its effects. As this is a natural product, we do not warrant for any smells or odors. Individuals who are sensitive to animal fibers or the smell of wool, natural rubber, hemp, cotton or jute should contact us for a product sample before ordering. Because many customers are chemically sensitive, we cannot accept returns once a package has been opened because this exposes the product to a foreign environment over which we have no control. There are no returns on cut carpeting and custom rugs even if unopened. Please note that all wool carpet and rugs shed fibers, especially when new; the Catskill style sheds more than other styles and this is not considered a manufacturing defect.