Pacific Rim Natural Maple Bedroom Furniture

Many manufacturers claim their furniture is made of natural wood, but in reality the pieces have drawers or other parts made of particle board or veneers. And while they state they use a non-toxic finish, they often use petroleum-based varnishes and stains that may be harmful over time. We chose to carry Pacific Rim Woodworking because they are committed to producing truly natural, heirloom-quality, hand-crafted maple furniture at affordable prices.

This beautiful bedroom furniture is built by skilled craftsmen in Eugene, Oregon. It is made of Pacific Coast Maple grown in managed forests in Washington and Oregon, and constructed using mortise and tenon joints.

We are very pleased with the quality of the beds. I hoped and expected that they would be nice, but they are even better than I hoped. Very nice wood, nice finish, good quality construction. The kids love them! —CB, Pennsylvania

To highlight the natural beauty of the distinctive hardwood, Pacific Rim hand-rubs each piece with their own blend of tung oil, linseed oil, and Varathane, a non-toxic finish that is completely inert after dried. Beeswax is added to the tops of dressers and nightstands for added scratch protection. For those who are very chemically sensitive, you may wish to order your furniture unfinished and have the non-toxic finish of your choice applied. Or order their new Danish oil finish (100% linseed oil) called Tried and True. (learn more here) There will be an up-charge for this finish and production takes 2-3 weeks longer; see furniture price page for more information.

Pacific Rim Beds come with a sturdy platform of closely spaced hardwood slats joined together by jute webbing. Sizes larger than twin are bolstered by a center beam. These beds are the ideal support for our Pure-Rest natural latex mattresses. Some assembly is required on beds and cribs. Pacific Rim furniture is guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. CLICK HERE for prices and details.


Furniture is available finished or unfinished. Orders typically ship from the Oregon factory in 2-6 weeks. CLICK HERE for selection and pricing. Email us or call 541-708-0614 for more information.

- The Pacific Rim Commitment -

Not only are we committed to providing a product that is made with minimal environmental impact but constructed to withstand generations of use. With its straightforward design and sturdy construction a significant contribution is made to the environment by limiting the use of untapped resources to create replacement products. We feel that it is not only important to use our resources wisely, but to practice conservation whenever possible

The definition of ‘green certified’ in the Pacific Northwest is constantly improving. The forest industry must strike a healthy balance between the environment, society and economic pressures. We closely monitor the decision makers here in the Pacific Northwest as well as those in Washington, D.C. as the definition of ‘green’ becomes workable. For now, there are many conflicting views on what ‘green’ really is as the fight continues over how to protect the environment, insure continuation of the resources, and maximize the utilization of the product, all in an economically viable fashion. Current trends show a lack of support for most certification programs due to the higher costs passed ultimately to the end consumer.

The Western Maple used in our products is actually harvested as a secondary item during softwood harvests. Our hardwood supplier has received a certificate to sell “Chain of Custody” products under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) rules as administered by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) for their softwood harvests. Although this is not the ultimate answer, it does begin the process by insuring that a percentage of the forests are being managed with an eye to the future.

We strive to use every possible board foot of maple, donating the smallest off-fall to local schools and community centers for wood shop projects or low-income families for heat during the winter months. Recycling bins can be found in our offices, lunchroom and shop. Our sawdust is recycled into compost at a local lawn and garden center. We have a strict maintenance schedule for our machinery to minimize replacement needs and often opt to fix a machine rather than replace it. In cases where replacement is necessary, we scour the secondary markets for the perfect “gently used” tool.

Today more than ever, mankind is realizing just how small and precious our planet is. Although there is much to be done and even more to yet discover, we are proud to play our small role. We are committed to finding harmony within our environment and securing the future of this unique planet called Earth. We hope you will join us.

Non-toxic Wood Finishes

Pacific Rim's furniture is hand-finished, usually with their custom mixture of tung oil, linseed oil and Varathane—a non-toxic finish that is completely inert after dried. The furniture can also be ordered with Tried and True's Danish Oil Finish (100% linseed oil; learn more here); or unfinished so you can have the finish of your choice applied.

If you are unsure about the finish, email us to receive a wood sample.