Is it really that important to sleep on a chemical-free mattress?

You may be surprised to learn that a wide array of hazardous industrial chemicals are found in most of today's mattresses, including benzene, toluene, phosphorus, formaldehyde, vinyl, pentaBDE, antimony, PVC, phthalates, pesticides, polyurethane and chlorine. These chemicals can cause a variety of health problems including insomnia; irritation of skin, eyes, throat and lungs; allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities; and some are known carcinogens.

Since many of these chemicals off-gas into the air and we sleep in such close proximity to our mattresses, we are exposed to these toxins for a significant period of time every day. The body stores many of these substances in fatty tissue, including the brain, where they are suspected of contributing to chronic brain disorders that are becoming epidemic in the older generation.

Many researchers also believe that environmental toxins, especially those found in today's weather-sealed homes, play a significant role in the increase in childhood disorders such as ADD/ADHD, autism, asthma and cancer. And the toxic gases given off by baby mattresses have been implicated in SIDS/crib death. (see 1/7/13 Chicago Tribune article about toxic fire retardant in crib mattresses)

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PROTECT YOUR FAMILY'S HEALTH with affordable, natural innerspring mattresses containing NO toxic chemicals* and NO synthetic rubber, polyester or other fillers.

Pure-Rest, Pure Latex, Pure Comfort
We chose to carry Pure-Rest mattresses because:

  • They are obsessed with purity. Pure-Rest is the only company we found whose imported rubber tests free of toxic chemicals* and contaminants. In fact, most companies don't even test!
  • Their organic cotton is SKAL certified and GOTS compliant and is regularly tested for chemical residues. Their organically processed Eco Wool is certified by Oregon Tilth and independently tested for contaminants.
  • The quality and comfort of their mattresses go beyond even the high standards of the European community, where attention to "skin friendly" is demanded and tested.
  • Pure-Rest employs only fair labor in the manufacture of all of their products.
  • Since they produce their mattresses in-house, you don't have to wait a long time for your new bed to arrive!
  • In addition to being chemical-free*, the natural rubber used in Pure-Rest mattresses is breathable and ventilated for maximum comfort.

Natural, Non-toxic, Environmentally Friendly Latex
100% natural latex is resilient and naturally resistant to mold, mildew, bacteria and dust mites. Only air, natural soap and natural vulcanization (curing) agents are used in processing Pure-Rest's latex, tapped from the Hevea Brasiliensis—commonly known as a rubber tree—which grows on plantations in Southeast Asia. Unlike synthetic rubber made from petroleum, the natural rubber used in these mattresses is a renewable resource and there are no toxic substances or ozone-depleting agents used in its production.

Pure Wool is Wonderful
The organically-processed Eco Wool used in Pure-Rest mattresses is washed with only water and vegetable-based soaps—no detergents, chemicals or chlorine bleach are used. It's processed without the use of oils or bonding agents, and retains 4-6% lanolin which protects the mattress from moisture, dust mites and bed bugs. With the exception of the vegan mattress, all Pure-Rest mattresses meet or exceed the stringent California and Federal flame retardancy standards...without the addition of chemical flame retardants!in

Vegan innerspring mattresses, containing no wool, are also available. However—due to flame retardant laws—to purchase a vegan mattress you must submit a doctor's note stating that wool is not recommended for you, and a note from you stating that you recognize this style does not have flame retardant properties. Vegan mattresses are custom-made and orders cannot be cancelled once work has begun.

Pure-Rest mattresses are expertly crafted by hand with totally pure fibers to produce their exclusive high quality. Since Pure-Rest is going out of business their normal 20-year warranty will not apply, but we have been selling their mattresses for over 11 years and have had only one warranty claim, so rest assured, they are built to last! Note that the natural materials in these mattresses might have a slight odor, which should blow-off over time. As this is a natural product, we do not warrant for any smells or odors. If you are very sensitive to smells you can contact us to order a mattress test kit prior to purchase.

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Natural Maple Platform Beds & Furniture

Foundation Optional
To eliminate the need for a foundation all Pure-Rest mattresses can be placed directly on a natural wood platform bed. Or, to use them on a metal or other style bed frame, you can add an organic cotton/wool covered wood foundation. For the budget-minded, we also offer a roll of wood slats that can be used on your existing metal or wood bed frame.

To ship a crib innerspring mattress in the continental USA is $65 by UPS Ground. To determine the shipping cost for an adult innerspring mattress (shipped by common carrier) please add the mattress to your shopping cart and complete the shipping data form. We will reply as quickly as possible with a link to the shipping quote and purchase completion screen. Some shipments include delivery inside the first threshold, while others are curbside delivery. Please contact us if you need to know which service is offered in your area before ordering. Stair-carry and "white glove" service are also available; please contact us for a quote.

The dimensions shown below are standard sizes. Because these mattresses are hand-made the finished dimensions may vary up to one inch. Crib mattress is only 6 inches thick to comply with safety regulations.

Eco-Conscious Ways to Dispose of Your Old Mattress
Consider offering your old mattress for free on Craig’s List. Usually there is someone out there who needs a mattress and they will come and pick it up! Or contact a recycler: or For more ideas, see: Please do not send it to the landfill, if at all possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: California, Connecticut and Rhode Island have instituted a mattress recycling program, and we are required to collect a recycling fee when we ship a mattress or foundation into these states. The current fee for California is $11 per item; Connecticut's fee is $9 each; and Rhode Island's is $16. This fee will be added to your purchase when you check out. For more information see


Organic Innerspring Mattresses

Organic innerspring mattresses by Pure-Rest (see descriptions at left)



Apollo 7"

Atlas 9"

Selene 9"

Athena 10"

Celestial 11"

Libra 13"


















38" x 75"








38" x 80"








53" x 75"








60" x 80"








76" x 80"








72" x 84"







ALL PURE-REST MATTRESSES ARE OUT OF STOCK. New supplier is coming soon!

Pure-Rest's organic extra firm innerspring mattresses are generously layered with organic cotton and Eco Wool. Both cotton and wool layers are quilted so neither shifts with time, as hand tufting does. As with all of Pure-Rest's mattresses, the outer fabric is imported European organic cotton Damask. 660 coil springs (based on full size) are used, oriented from head-to-toe to reduce motion transfer from one sleep partner to the other. The side border is 6 gauge and springs are 14.5 gauge.

Innerspring Mattresses

  • 7" Apollo is good for those who want a very firm mattress that is pure and supportive. However, medium to heavy adults may feel the springs. A topper will remedy this potential problem, or see Atlas below. Also available without wool; see VEGAN section above for details.
  • 9" Atlas mattress has a layer of quilted organic cotton added to the Apollo to prevent the sleeper from feeling the springs, which makes the Atlas a bit firmer than the Apollo. The extra padding is on both top and bottom, which the mattress flippable. Also available without wool; see VEGAN section above for details.
  • 9" Selene has a 2" extra soft latex pillow top. This mattress gives you the softness of natural rubber, but with pricing similar to an innerspring.
  • 10" Athena has a 3" extra soft latex pillow top. This gives you a little more softness than the Selene.
  • 11" Celestial has a 2" extra soft latex pillow top on both sides of the mattress, so it can be flipped.
  • 13" Libra has a 2" extra soft latex pillow top on one side and a 3" extra soft latex pillow top on the other side. This is the softest innerspring mattress made by Pure-Rest.
  • *Sale limited to stock on hand; quantities are very limited and it's best to call us at 541-708-0614 before ordering to check inventory.

Innerspring vs. latex mattresses
We usually don't recommend innerspring mattresses for adults due to possible EMF concerns (they can magnetize over time and might create or conduct electro-magnetic fields). Also, innerspring mattresses without a pillow top might cause discomfort from pressure points depending on the person's weight, body shape, sensitivity and sleeping position. Considering the large amount of time spent in bed, we believe that purchasing a natural latex mattress is an important investment in good health. Also, natural latex mattresses are more durable than innerspring mattresses, so the long term cost of owning one usually turns out to be the same or less. That being said, Pure-Rest's organic innerspring mattresses are a much healthier choice than any conventional mattress you could buy, be it a non-organic innerspring, synthetic latex, or memory foam mattress.

Innerspring Crib Mattresses
For babies, pressure points and EMF issues (as noted above) are less problematic since infants are less sensitive to pressure points because they weigh so little, and their mattress may not magnetize during the two years or so that they sleep in a crib. The chemicals that off-gas from conventional crib mattresses are highly toxic (see top right column) and we urge every parent to consider an organic mattress for their child. We are so concerned about this issue that if you truly cannot afford an organic crib mattress we will subsidize your purchase. The innerspring crib mattress is 6" thick and is available with optional internal side supports for use later in a toddler bed.

*All Pure-Rest materials are tested for contaminants by an independent lab on a regular basis. Latex is tested by the most stringent testing available today to 100 parts per billion (.1mg/kg detection limit); other materials are tested to 1 part per million (1mg/kg detection limit). Most companies don't even test their raw materials!