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Pure-Rest Organic Latex Mattresses

PureRest organic latex mattressesOrganic Latex Mattresses with Eco Wool & Certified Organic Latex

PROTECT YOUR FAMILY’S HEALTH with affordable organic latex mattresses containing NO toxic chemicals and NO synthetic rubber, polyester or other fillers. The organic cotton fabric PureRest uses is GOTS-certified. The processing of their Eco Wool is organically certified by Oregon Tilth and independently tested for contaminants. Their organic latex is GOLS-certified. Pure-Rest employs only fair labor in the manufacture of their products. And since they produce mattresses at their factory San Diego, CA, you usually don’t have to wait a long time for your new bed to arrive!

GOTS, OEKO-TEX, GOLS certified

The organic Dunlop rubber used in Pure-Rest mattresses is breathable and ventilated for maximum comfort. These mattresses provide excellent support, while cushioning the body evenly to prevent the formation of the painful pressure points commonly caused by innerspring mattresses. PureRest’s organic latex mattresses are ideal for people who want to get a great night’s sleep on the plushest and most comfortable mattress made and/or

  • are sensitive or allergic to chemicals, mold, mildew, bacteria, or petroleum-based products and other types of synthetic materials;
  • have back and/or joint problems or want to avoid these problems;
  • are concerned about EMFs (innerspring mattresses can magnetize over time and might create or conduct electro-magnetic fields);
  • live where mold or dust mites are a concern;
  • don’t want to wake up when their partner moves;
  • are health-conscious and want to cut down on exposure to environmental toxins;
  • want to sleep on natural, renewable materials instead of petroleum-based foams or metal springs.

Natural, Non-toxic, Environmentally Friendly

100% organic latex is resilient and naturally resistant to mold, mildew, bacteria and dust mites. Only air, natural soap and natural vulcanization (curing) agents are used in processing Pure-Rest’s latex, tapped from the Hevea Brasiliensis—commonly known as a rubber tree—which grows on plantations in Southeast Asia. Unlike synthetic rubber made from petroleum and steel made from scarce, non-renewable raw materials, the natural rubber used in these mattresses is a renewable resource and there are no toxic substances or ozone-depleting agents used in its production. For more information about what makes a mattress healthy, see Environmental Working Group’s Healthy Home Guide for mattresses.

We just received our mattresses and wool pads and I had to write to thank you for all of your help. The kids and I were so excited that we immediately opened one and managed to lift it up to my daughter’s loft bed. That night she and her father slept on it, even though I had not yet put on the cotton cover or the sheets. This morning we finally unrolled the other mattress and dressed both mattresses with their cotton covers, wool pads (nice and thick!) and sheets. Such luxurious materials; and the firm is perfect support for us. It is such a relief to know that the kids will sleep chemical-free for many years to come! I can already tell that my husband and I will also one day switch to a natural latex bed.
—Marta L, Raleigh, NC

How to support your organic latex mattress

To ensure that your new organic mattress remains non-toxic, and for proper ventilation, optimal support, and maximum longevity, it should be used on a chemical-free slatted wood surface with 1.5 to 3 inches between the slats. Some options include: 1) Place the mattress directly on a natural wood platform bed, such as those from Dapwood. 2) Add a natural wood foundation on top of a metal frame or on a bed you already own. 3) For the budget-minded, a roll of wood slats might work on your existing bed frame.

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