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Coopworth Thick Woven Wool Rugs


Basket-look tan/beige Coopworth rug is hand-woven on wooden panja looms to create the thickest, firmest, and densest weave possible. Made by Hook & Loom.

These beautiful, sturdy rugs are hand-woven in intricate patterns on wooden panja looms by skilled craftsmen to create the thickest, firmest, and densest weave possible. The colors are created with 100% natural undyed wool in a variety of natural sheep colors. Each rug has carefully hand-bound (serged) edges using matching yarns, making them fully reversible, for twice the wear between cleanings. The scales on wool fibers hold onto dirt until it is vacuumed away, which helps the rug stay cleaner. And wool fibers absorb airborne pollutants, so wool rugs can actually help clean the air in your home! Plus wool is fire retardant, so no flame-proofing chemicals are needed. No dyes, chemicals, or latex. FREE SHIPPING from the warehouse in Massachusetts.

Caring for your Hook & Loom natural wool rug
  • Vacuum regularly.
  • If spills occur, it’s best to act quickly. You can scoop up solids with a spatula or butter knife. Blot as much liquid as possible, using a clean paper or cloth towel. Then towel or wet sponge with cold water (add cleaning agent if appropriate). Gently moisten and dab the area, then blot dry.
  • For more serious spills and soil, professional cleaning is recommended.
  • Please note that it’s normal for the ends of a thread or yarn to become loose. You may find this when your rug arrives, or over time. If so, don’t pull on the yarn, simply snip it and the problem will be gone. This is not a manufacturing defect.

Hook & Loom offers easy returns of any of their rugs, in new and unused condition, within 30 days of purchase:

  1. Roll and return the rug to the original bag and include a brief note letting us know why you weren’t satisfied.
  2. Tie the top with the attached fastener, or other secure string or fastener.
  3. Remove the pre-paid FedEx label from your packing list envelope and affix it over the original shipping label.
  4. Drop the rug off at any FedEx location; or call 1-800-Go-FedEx to request a home pickup (extra charge applies for home pickups).
  5. Swatches are not returnable.

As soon as Hook & Loom receives your return, they will inspect it to make sure it’s in the original new and unused condition. When we receive their refund we will issue a credit to your account, less two-way shipping costs (usually 20-25% of the price depending on size and distance). If you return the rug because it is not what you ordered, or it has a defect that eluded quality inspectors, the shipping cost will not be deducted from your refund.


Hook & Loom makes their rugs to last. If at any time you experience a problem with construction or durability of a Hook & Loom rug and it is beyond the 30-day validity of the prepaid return label, simply call or email us. We will make arrangements for replacement, or if it cannot be replaced a refund will be processed. As noted in the care section above, loose threads can be clipped off and are not considered a manufacturing defect.

*Hook & Loom’s rubber rug pad is made of natural rubber surrounding a thin polyester fabric that contains an FDA-approved flame retardant. These pads are only available with the purchase of a Hook & Loom rug.


8×8, 10×14, 12×16, 2.25×9, 2×3, 4×6, 5×8, 6×9, 8×11, 9×12, swatch


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