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Farm Wool Blanket


Warm blanket made with wool grown on small farms in the Midwest. Natural color (undyed).

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This lovely herringbone blanket is made with wool grown on small farms in the Midwest. Each farm is carefully vetted to make sure it uses no synthetic hormones, genetic engineering, synthetic pesticides (internal, external, and on pastures); and that the farmers ensure the health of their sheep through good culture and management practices. The wool is as clean as organic without asking the small farms to pay the high cost of certification.

A lot of caring artisans have worked hard to create these lovely wool blankets, from the farms in Indiana, to the spinners in Minnesota, to the weaver and finisher in Massachusetts, and finally to the sewing room in Minnesota. Not only are you supporting conscious farming with the purchase of this heirloom-quality wool blanket, you are supporting quite a few small businesses and their families.

The only substance used in the wool’s processing is a natural surfactant, which breaks the surface tension of the water and allows the oily lanolin to float away in the wash water. After washing,  the other two steps in its processing are picking, during which most of the vegetation and manure tags are removed; then carding, which aligns the fibers on top of one another to create fluffy wool batting. Unlike conventional wool, this wool process uses NO bleach, acid baths, bonding, resin, carbonization, or superwashing.

The natural wool fabric in the blanket is flexible, and at 10 oz. per square yard it’s not as physically heavy as a cotton blanket even though it’s warmer. Full, queen and king-size blankets have a discreet seam down the middle. Vinegar or hydrogen peroxide may be used for sanitizing or spot cleaning, or hand-wash the blanket in lukewarm water with a gentle natural soap. This blanket is not returnable, but we can send you a fabric swatch before you purchase to make sure it will work for you.

  • Contact us for a swatch or pricing for custom sizes.
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Crib: 51″ x 36″
Throw: 51″ x 60″
Twin: 51″ x 96″
Twin XL: 51″ x 101″
Full: 80″ x 96″
Queen: 90″ x 101″
King: 101″ x 101″


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