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Harmony 7-inch Firm Organic Latex Mattress


7″ latex mattress with two 3″ organic rubber layers inside a zippered quilted cover.

The Harmony 7″ organic latex mattress includes two 3-inch firm (36 ILD) GOLS-certified organic rubber layers. Upon arrival, you will unroll the luxurious zippered quilted cover that contains the bottom layer, then add the top layer and zip it closed (see video). This mattress works well for children and light- to average-weight adults who sleep mostly on their back. Side-sleeping adults would likely be more comfortable on a softer, thicker mattress such as the 10″ Sagittarius or 11″ Circa.

Premium Organic & Natural Materials

Inside PureRest’s latex mattresses is GOLS-certified organic Dunlop rubber. The two layers of pure latex are covered with SKAL-certified and GOTS-compliant organic cotton fabric quilted to a thick layer of Eco-wool (2.3 oz/sq ft) that’s organically processed and certified by Oregon Tilth. The thick layer of wool in the top cover makes these beds feel more luxurious than those made with less wool batting, plus the wool provides chemical-free flame resistance and temperature regulation. The wool and latex conform to your body’s shape and minimize pressure on your joints and back. Latex is grown and processed in Southeast Asia; cotton is grown in the USA; wool is from the Pacific Northwest; mattresses are sewn and assembled in San Diego, CA.

Zippered Cover & Replaceable Layers

The zipper around the top of the quilted mattress cover allows you to open the mattress and replace a layer of rubber, if needed at some time in the future, for less expense than buying a whole new mattress. See mattress assembly instructions.

How to Support Your Latex Mattress

For proper ventilation and support, your natural latex mattress must be used on a slatted wood surface with 1.5 to 3 inches between the slats. To eliminate the need for a foundation, the mattress may be placed directly on a natural wood platform bed (which comes with slats) like those from Dapwood. For the budget-minded, we also offer a roll of wood slats that might work on your existing bed frame depending on how it’s constructed. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about how to support your new mattress.

Lead Time and Shipping

Mattresses are made-to-order in 2-3 weeks at the factory in San Diego, California; then sent directly to you via FedEx Ground with FREE SHIPPING in the continental USA. To ship elsewhere please contact us for a shipping quote. Also, please be aware that supply chain disruptions are causing delays; we will let you know if the lead time is expected to be longer than normal.


Twin: 38×75 | TwinXL: 38×80 | Full: 53×75 | Queen: 60×80 | Std King: 76×80 | CA King: 72×84
Because these mattresses are hand-made, finished dimensions may vary up to one inch.

Comfort Guarantee and Warranty

Comfort Exchange: Our bodies take awhile to adjust to a new mattress, so we recommend that you try yours for 3-4 weeks before deciding whether it’s too firm or too soft. Within 60 days of receipt, you can exchange a layer of your mattress for a firmer or softer feel. To start this process, contact us and we will have the factory send you a new layer. You will be charged $99 for each layer that is exchanged, and you will have 30-days to ship back the current layer(s). Upon receipt of the old layer(s), these funds will be refunded to you.
Sleep Trial: Your PureRest mattress also comes with a 120 day Sleep Trial. Mattresses must be returned in excellent condition before the 120-day trial ends. Please contact us if you decide to return your mattress. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping the mattress back to the factory in Southern California.
Warranty: Your all-natural latex mattress will be warrantied by the manufacturer to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 20 years (10 fixed, 10 prorated). It is designed to conform to a your individual shape, which may result in body contouring. This is normal and not a structural defect, but contouring over 1.5 inches in depth below the normal surface of the product is covered by the manufacturer’s Limited Warranty. The natural materials used in these mattresses might have a slight odor which will fade away over time and we do not warrant for any smells. If you are very sensitive you can contact us to order a mattress test kit prior to purchase. See more warranty details.

Eco-Conscious Ways to Dispose of Your Old Mattress

Consider offering your old mattress free on Craig’s List or Facebook Marketplace. Usually there is someone out there who really needs a mattress and will come and pick it up! Or look for a local recycler at  Bye Bye Mattress or Earth911 Please do not send it to the landfill, if at all possible.

Note: Certain states have instituted a mattress recycling program, and we pay a recycling fee when we ship a mattress or foundation into these states. The current fee for California is $11 per item; Connecticut’s fee is $9 each; and Rhode Island’s fee is $10. For more information, see Bye Bye Mattress.


CA King, Full, Queen, Std King, Twin, TwinXL


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