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Organic Bedrolls


Organic bedrolls filled with cotton, wool and/or latex. For travel, yoga, camping, guests and more.


Soaring Heart’s supportive bedrolls are hand-crafted with the highest quality, locally sourced materials available. Whether you choose a simple organic cotton bedroll; a moisture-resistant organic wool and cotton bedroll; a resilient organic latex (firm, 32 to 37 ILD) bedroll, aka camping or yoga mat; or their super-comfortable organic latex, wool and cotton bedroll, you will sleep easy knowing that you are resting on a chemical-free product that is built for comfort and longevity.

An organic bedroll provides a quick and easy sleeping surface for guests or children; for travel or camping; as a cushion for window seats and more. Bedrolls are covered with un-dyed organic cotton canvas and are spot-clean only. Colorful machine-washable zippered organic cotton covers are available. No chemicals, synthetic ingredients or toxic fire retardants.

  • Dimensions: 24″ x 72″. Thickness: 1″, 2″, or 3-4″.
  • Inside the latex, wool and cotton bedroll is a 1″ latex core, surrounded by .5″ wool and 1.5″ organic cotton batting.
  • All-cotton bedrolls* cannot be sold without a doctor’s note, because they have not been flame-tested as required by the government and they contain no wool to provide fire retardancy. Please contact us for the necessary verbiage.
  • Hand-crafted of the finest materials in Seattle, Washington, usually in 4-6 weeks. Not returnable.
  • FREE SHIPPING by FedEx Ground.

Organic cotton, latex & wool 3-4", Organic cotton & wool 3-4", Organic cotton* 3-4", 1" Organic latex, 2" Organic latex


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