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Organic Crib Mattresses


5-6″ organic latex and/or coconut coir and wool crib mattresses. Firm, extra firm, or both.

organic crib mattressesFor your baby’s safety, Honest Sleep’s organic crib mattresses are constructed to be firm or extra firm, and over-stuffed to prevent compression.

  • Eco-Pure organic crib mattress features a 2-inch certified-organic rubber core surrounded by thick layers of certified-organic wool, covered by certified-organic cotton fabric. This firm mattress is 5 to 6 inches thick.
  • Sweatpea organic crib mattress is constructed similar to the Eco-Pure mattress, but also has a 2-inch layer of coconut coir inside. This 6-inch-thick crib mattress is extra firm on one side for infants, and can be flipped to the firm side for toddlers.
  • Snuggles organic crib mattress features a 4-inch layer of coconut coir surrounded by thick layers of certified-organic wool. There is no rubber core like the mattresses above, so this 6-inch-thick mattress is extra firm on both sides.
Premium Materials

Inside the Eco-Pure and Sweatpea crib mattresses is GOLS-certified organic Dunlop rubber. The Sweatpea and Snuggles mattresses also contain a layer of OEKO-TEX 100 certified coconut coir, infused with a small amount of GOLS-certified organic Dunlop latex. The thick layer of GOTS-certified virgin wool, harvested from humanely raised U.S. sheep, surrounding the inside core(s) is tufted to GOTS-certified organic cotton twill fabric. The wool provides chemical-free flame resistance and temperature regulation. We suggest using an organic mattress cover or pad to protect your crib mattress from soil and moisture.

How to Support Your Crib Mattress

For proper ventilation and support, your organic crib mattress should be used on a slatted wood surface with 1.5 to 3 inches between the slats, or on a metal/spring assembly.

Lead Time and Shipping

Crib mattresses are made-to-order in about a week at the factory in San Francisco, CA; then rolled-up and sent directly to you. We offer FREE FedEx Shipping in the continental USA; to ship elsewhere please contact us for a shipping quote. If you are asked to sign for the delivery you will need to inspect the package for damage and have the driver note any problems, then report the damage to us immediately.


Crib mattresses are 52″ x 28″; thickness is 5 to 6 inches. Because these are hand-made, finished dimensions may vary up to an inch.


Your organic crib mattress will be warrantied by the manufacturer to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of seven years, though life expectancy should be longer than that if properly maintained. The natural materials used in these mattresses may have a slight odor upon arrival which will fade away over time, and we do not warrant for smells. If you are very sensitive to odors, you can contact us to order sample materials prior to purchase. Read more warranty details.

Note: Certain states have instituted a mattress recycling program, and we pay a recycling fee when we ship a mattress, futon or foundation into these states. The current fee for California is $11 per item; Connecticut’s fee is $9 each; and Rhode Island’s fee is $10. These fees are included in our website prices. For more information, see Bye Bye Mattress.


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