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Organic Shikibutons


4-inch thick organic shikibutons, compact for storage, firm support. Cotton, wool or latex.

Soaring Heart’s organic shikibutons, handcrafted in the traditional Japanese style established many centuries ago, are compact enough for tight spaces and perfect for people who love a very firm, supportive mattress. Approximately four inches thick, shikibutons can be folded or rolled, then stored to make better use of your space or to be instantly available for overnight guests. If you like the versatility of the shikibuton but want a softer sleep experience, you can layer two or more on top of each other or add a topper.

Organic shikibutons work best when used with a tatami mat, which emulates the traditional tatami mat flooring used in Japan. A tatami mat allows the shikibuton to rest on a flat, solid surface while still being able to breathe properly. Your shikibuton should last you eight to ten years with proper ventilation and maintenance, although some customers are still comfortably using Soaring Heart shikibutons they purchased fifteen years ago. Shikibutons can be reworked by Soaring Heart if needed, but it should be covered with a washable natural fiber mattress pad to protect it from moisture and soil. A quality mattress pad can double your shikibuton’s life, as well as shield it from stains which would void the warranty and make it ineligible for rework. Colored organic cotton covers are available.

  • No chemicals, synthetic ingredients or chemical fire retardants.
  • Shikibutons require occasional flipping and rotating so they wear evenly. See care instructions for maintenance guidelines.
  • Hand-crafted of the finest materials in Seattle, Washington, usually in 4-6 weeks. Not returnable.
  • FREE SHIPPING by FedEx Ground.

CA King, Full, Queen, Std King, Twin, TwinXL


Organic latex, Organic wool & organic cotton


All-cotton shikibutons require a note from a doctor note stating that the purchaser is sensitive to flame retardants and wool, and a note stating that you recognize this style does not have flame retardant properties.


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