Water Filters / Purifiers

It took us over a year to decide which water system to purchase to replace our family's water distiller. During this decision process we spent countless hours researching water quality issues, health factors, and treatment options from more than 50 sources. As you may already know, water is an incredibly complicated subject, especially with all the controversial (and bogus) claims out there. For non-scientists, busy parents, and even health professionals, it is extremely difficult to sort water treatment facts from fiction.

LivingWaters® drinking water systems

In mid-2008 we started a discussion with Lono Ho'ala, a naturopath, biochemist, and founder/product developer for LivingWaters®. Unlike the other companies we talked to, Lono truly understands both the science of water treatment and the impact of water on health. After receiving thorough, intelligent, fact-based answers to an endless barrage of questions, we knew this was the company we wanted to represent. In mid-2009 we installed a LivingWaters drinking water system in our home and have been enjoying super-clean, healthful, delicious water ever since. LivingWaters water purification systems provide the highest level of filtration possible today. The cartridge-based units utilizing their Safewater Technology™ systems do the job without electricity or wasted water; and without removing all the healthful alkaline minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These top-quality systems are affordably priced, and an excellent value for fail-safe protection from contaminants and made in the USA.

Material sources, environmental committment

LivingWaters' "Big-Blue" housings as well as faucets, fittings, tubing, and cartridges are manufactured in the United States. Standard housings and brackets are manufactured in China. Whole-house systems including backwashing tanks, media and valves are manufactured in the United States. Filter media is manufactured in North America, Europe and Asia. LivingWaters is committed to a business policy founded upon environmental awareness. They print on recycled paper and use recycled packaging materials whenever possible. Products are designed to provide point-of-use access to clean water so people can stop buying bottled water and discarding millions of tons of plastic bottles every year.

Contaminants removed by LivingWaters' SAFEWATER TECHNOLOGY™

  • all pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, cysts, viruses, parasites)
  • chemical disinfectants (including chloramines and fluoride)
  • disinfection by-products (produced when chlorine interacts with organic materials)
  • organic contaminants (VOC's including solvents, fuel additives, pesticides, etc.)
  • inorganic compounds (arsenic, mercury, fluoride, heavy metals, etc.)
  • radioactive elements
  • turbidity

Information about radioactive particles in our water from the Fukushima nuclear accident

4/20/11 by Lono Ho'ala, Conscious Living Systems, Inc.
The radiation released into the environment from the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan is now finding its way into the water supply here in the United States. The water molecule itself cannot become radioactive. What happens is that water naturally picks up radioactive particles and gasses in the atmosphere. Rain deposits these materials onto the soil and water sources below. This is the problem caused by the Fukushima nuclear accident but it is not the only source of radioactive contamination that can be found in water. When the source of water is a well, the decay of radioactive minerals produces radioactive particles that can become dissolved in groundwater. These source of radioactive contamination is far more problematic right now in the U.S.

How To Make Your Water Safe From Radiation

Faucet mounted filters and filtered pitchers are ineffective because they don't contain enough media to get the job done. Sediment filters and refrigerator filters are completely ineffective as well. To remove the spectrum of radioactive contaminants a system must contain ion-exchange media, a sufficient amount of high quality carbon, as well as particulate filters capable of microfiltration. This combination will dramatically reduce radioactive particles in water. Fortunately, our 6 stage LivingWaters™ cartridge based system (see below) as well as our RO systems contain ALL THREE of these media, and will provide water that is completely safe.

You should realize that filters in any kind of system will retain collected radioactivity. If there is an unusual release of radioactivity, those who want to make sure their water is perfectly safe should replace their filters every 6 months instead of annually. As we've watched the Fukushima nuclear accident unfold it appears that only miniscule amounts of radiation are reaching this country. So far we see no reason to accelerate your cartridge change schedule. For a more detailed explanation of radiation and how to protect yourself from contaminated water and food, see this article from Conscious Living Systems, Inc.

6-Stage LivingWaters Purification Systems with SAFEWATER TECHNOLOGY™ & VOC filter

This four cartridge, 6-stage water purifier incorporates LivingWaters' patented SAFEWATER TECHNOLOGY™ for guaranteed removal of dangerous microorganisms including cysts like giardia and cryptosporidium, mold, spores from organisms like anthrax, the entire spectrum of disease-causing bacteria and 99.95% of virus. It also removes or reduces VOCs, heavy metals including chromium-6 (hexavalent chromium), hormone residues and chemicals including chlorine, chloramines, fluoride and arsenic. This system is one of the only filter-based systems that will remove unhealthy water contaminants as effectively as reverse osmosis (RO) and distillation, yet unlike these technologies it preserves the healthy alkaline minerals in your water and there is no water wasted (like RO) and no electricity needed (like distillation). The under-counter unit comes with a premium “Euro” style top-mount monitor faucet. The fourth housing, on top, is an acid-washed carbon finishing cartridge that makes the best tasting beverages possible by removing VOCs that might impart a bad flavor to the water. Ideal for those who want the best tasting water that is safer than bottled at a fraction of the price.

  • Under-counter 6-stage, model #LWUC4: $569, UPS shipping*. buy now
    • Change from chrome faucet to brushed nickel, black, white or oil-rubbed bronze: $60 change color
  • Counter-top 6-stage, model #LWCT4: $529, UPS shipping*. buy now

Replacement filters for 6-STAGE system (4 cartridges) part #LWRC4 : $246, UPS shipping*. buy now (replace after 1,000 gallons or 1 year, whichever comes first)

Replacement filters for 5-STAGE system (3 cartridges) part #LWRC3 : $223, UPS shipping*. buy now (replace after 1,000 gallons or 1 year, whichever comes first)

UPGRADE NOTES: If you are upgrading from an old LivingWaters 5-stage undercounter system to a 6-stage undercounter system you will need hardware and a hose to attach the 4th cartridge. buy undercounter upgrade kit: $25 (don't forget to purchase filters) If you are upgrading from a 5-stage countertop system to a 6-stage countertop system you will need to send your system to LivingWaters for the conversion after purchasing the upgrade. buy countertop upgrade: $60 (don't forget to purchase filters)


LivingWaters travel filter2-Stage Travel Filter

Lightweight one-canister filter that removes cysts, 99.9% of bacteria, chlorine, trihalomethanes, volatile organic chemicals (VOC's) and lead. Does not remove fluoride or chloramines.

  • Travel filter, model #LW10TF: $149, UPS shipping. buy now
  • Replacement filter; part #10DUC1000: $61.25, UPS shipping. buy now

WELL WATER USERS: If you drink well water there may be contaminents in your water that are not removed by the standard cartridge systems.
Please contact us and we will have LivingWaters review your water test to configure a system according to your needs.

* UPS shipping on units noted above includes addresses in the continental USA. For other locations and expedited shipping please contact us for a quote.

Point-of-Entry (whole-house) LivingWaters Water Treatment Systems

Point of entry water systems are designed by Conscious Living Systems, Inc. to meet the needs of your specific installation. Contact us for a free engineering report with detailed recommendations for your home or commercial facility.


LivingWaters Water Treatment Systems are built with advanced technology, quality materials, and detailed workmanship. When properly installed and maintained they will provide many years of trouble-free service.

Point-of Use filtration systems:

  • Standard point-of-use products carry a lifetime warranty on system parts except for replaceable cartridges (except the travel filter which has a 3 year limited warranty on system parts) and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The full purchase price of a standard point-of-use LivingWaters® product will be refunded at the customer's request for up to 30 days from date of purchase, provided the product has been properly installed and maintained and has not be subject to modification, freezing, overtightening, damage, abuse, or peril of any kind. see warranty details

Point-of-Entry filtration systems:

  • Conscious Living Systems, Inc. custom designs each point-of-entry system for each installation from top-quality components manufactured by industry leaders. Each component is covered by their original manufacturer’s warranty. In general, this means 10 years on tanks and valves and 5 years on most media. Warranty details for each product are available upon request.

More detailed product information is coming soon. Please contact us with any questions about LivingWaters™ water purification systems.