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E. L. Foust Filter Media (Carbon) Selection

E.L. Foust offers the following carbon choices for their air purifiers. When you purchase, you can select the media that best fits your needs. If you are uncertain or you have a variety of contaminants to remove, we suggest the Standard Mix. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

  • Standard Mix
    60% coconut shell carbon / 40% Purapel (potassium permanganate) is our longest lasting media. It removes the widest variety of chemicals, fumes and odors.
  • Coconut Shell
    Coconut shell carbon is a good media choice for removal of mold mycotoxins, perfume, paint odors, ozone, petroleum gases and odors, pet odors, food odors, pesticides, VOCs and many other chemicals, fumes and odors.
  • Purapel
    Potassium permanagnate and activated alumina compound is the perfect choice to remove formaldehyde from indoor air.
  • Wood
    Wood carbon is similiar to coconut shell carbon in its ability to absorb chemicals, fumes and odors. The density is less than coconut shell and therefore will only last about 50-60% of the life of coconut shell.
  • Lignite
    Lignite carbon is coal based and is used as an alternative to coconut shell. It will absorb the same odors, gases and fumes as coconut shell, but due to 10-15% less density it will not last as long as that media. We carry this product for people that may have a sensitivity to coconut shell carbon.
  • Bituminous
    Bituminous carbon is a coal based alternative to coconut shell carbon. It will remove the same types of chemicals, fumes, and odors as that media, but due to 10-15% less density it will not last as long. This media is used by many of our customers who may have a sensitivity to coconut shell carbon.
  • Zeolite
    Zeolite is a great media for ammonia odors and for urine odor. Add to your kitty litter box to help keep odor to a minimum.
  • Formaldehyde Control
    Formaldehyde control coconut shell is a good alternative for Purapel if you are senstive to that media. Great for formaldehyde control and many other fumes, odors and chemicals that coconut shell can absorb.
  • Mercury Vapor Control
    Great media choice for dental offices if silver/mercury amalgams are present. This media will remove mercury vapor from air at ambient room temperatures.
  • Custom Mix
    Custom blend the carbon mix that is best for your situation. Contact us for pricing.