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Dapwood Bedroom Furniture

Tree Hollow bed by Dapwood

HANDCRAFTED – Every phase of building Dapwood furniture is a hand-crafted operation…they plane, joint, rout, sand and finish all parts by hand, producing the highest quality possible. Their finishing process utilizes no spray equipment; instead a Dapwood craftsman hand-rubs oil onto to all components, then each part is air-dried prior to shipping. Luster may be easily renewed in future years by re-applying linseed or other natural oil.
Dapwood bedroom furnitureSPEEDY DELIVERY – Dapwood prides itself in offering the fastest turnaround available from most any furniture manufacturer. And they offer two rush options to get any bed to you FAST. NOTE: Rush options may not be available at all times, for example: the month of December due to the holiday rush and closures, and sometimes during summer months due to vacations.
CUSTOMIZABLE – Since all Dapwood beds (except Quick Ship models) are made to order, you can customize the design to your specific needs. Platform height, headboard height/gap, extra long mattress lengths are not a problem. Note: Dapwood is confident in their materials and workmanship; however they cannot test all customization requests, and therefore they do not warrant customized items for suitability.
FUTURE MODIFICATION – If you want a low-to-the-floor bed for your young children you can order interchangeable legs to raise the platform as your child grows.
REPLACEMENT PARTS – Because Dapwood beds are made of modular components, replacement parts are readily available if lost or damaged.
EASY REPAIR – Dapwood beds are made only of American hardwood, so dents or scratches can be easily repaired by sanding and reapplying Teak oil, unlike furniture made of veneers, laminates and other synthetic woods. All Dapwood beds have a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects, see warranty  details. See more information about furniture made of real wood.
ASSEMBLY – To keep prices reasonable and reduce the chance of damage in-transit, Dapwood products are shipped in cartons and require some assembly upon receipt, using simple tools such as a rubber mallet and screwdriver. For example, see video of bed assembly.

Dapwood bedroom furnitureEco-Friendly Focus

Quality Furniture – Quality products provide a quality life and best value
Resource Recovery – Squeezing out all they can from our precious resources
Energy Use – Responsible use of energy and looking to renewable energies
Community – Without community, we have nothing
B-Corporation – Dapwood is leading the charge with a new type of business that focuses on a “triple bottom line” for People and Planet, not just Profit