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Organic Sofas, Futons and Chairs

Organic Futon Sofa

What chemicals are lurking inside your furniture?
It’s frightening to learn that the synthetic foam in conventional upholstered furniture contains a high percentage of fire retardants; as well as formaldehyde, stain repellents, fire retardants and other toxic chemicals on the fabric surface.

Aging furniture releases more toxins
And it’s even more alarming when you realize that rather than off-gassing over time, the toxicity problem gets worse as the furniture ages because VOCs are released when the foam degrades. This is especially troubling for families with small children who spend a lot of time on the sofa.

In search of organic sofas and chairs
If you’ve been looking for an organic sofa or chair to avoid exposure to these chemicals you know how terribly expensive organic upholstered furniture can be! We searched for years for an affordable sofa and finally came up with some attractive, comfortable, solid wood options that won’t break the bank. Please note that real wood has knots and/or imperfections; much furniture on the market today is veneered to give the illusion of perfection.

For years we paired Bedworks of Maine futon frames with Soaring Heart’s organic futons to build an attractive and highly functional sofa. However, effective February 1, 2020, Bedworks of Maine is no longer accepting orders, as the owners are retiring. We are actively searching for another supplier of non-toxic futon frames. Please stay tuned.

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