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LivingWaters Drinking Water Purifiers

LivingWaters water purifiers

LivingWaters drinking water purifiers provide the highest level of filtration possible today.

In mid-2008 we started a discussion with Lono Ho’ala, a naturopath, biochemist, and founder/product developer for LivingWaters POU (point of use) water purifiers. Unlike the other companies we talked to, Lono truly understands both the science of water treatment and the impact of water on health. After receiving thorough, intelligent, fact-based answers to an endless barrage of questions, we knew this was the company we wanted to represent. In mid-2009 we installed a LivingWaters drinking water system in our home and have been enjoying super-clean, healthful, delicious water ever since.

The cartridge-based units utilizing their CoolBlue® Technology do the job without electricity or wasted water; and without removing healthful alkaline minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. These top-quality systems are affordably priced, and an excellent value for fail-safe protection from contaminants.

Contaminants Removed by LivingWaters CoolBlue® Technology
  • all pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, cysts, viruses, parasites, mold)
  • chemical disinfectants (including chloramines and fluoride)
  • disinfection by-products (produced when chlorine interacts with organic materials)
  • organic contaminants (VOCs, solvents, fuel additives, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, personal care product residues, etc.)
  • inorganic compounds (arsenic, mercury, fluoride, heavy metals, etc.)
  • radioactive elements
  • turbidity and sediment
Filter Media and Features
  • Catalytic activated carbon and KDF®55
  • Argonide Nanoceram® Superfilter uses technology developed for the NASA space program
  • Special fine mesh media specifically designed for high-capacity contaminant removal
  • Carbon polishing filter for VOC removal and great tasting water
  • Removes more dangerous contaminants than the best RO systems, and unlike RO there is zero water wasted…every drop that goes in comes back out, clean and safe!
  • Does not remove the healthy alkaline minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium
  • Premium lead-free parts that don’t leach lead into treated water
  • Tested and certified by KIWA, NSF, and WQA, and each cartridge is INDIVIDUALLY TESTED for effectiveness

LivingWaters is committed to a business policy founded upon environmental awareness. Products are designed to provide point-of-use access to clean water so people can stop buying bottled water and discarding millions of tons of plastic bottles every year. They print on recycled paper and use recycled packaging materials whenever possible. Their “Big-Blue” housings as well as faucets, fittings, tubing, and cartridges are manufactured in the United States. Filter media is manufactured in North America, Europe and Asia.

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