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Hook & Loom

The wonderful color variations in Hook & Loom’s wool rugs are made by utilizing wool from sheep of different colors…there is no dye used at any stage of production. The rugs are hand-woven and the edges are serged (bound) by hand using matching yarn. This requires more effort, but it raises the quality of the rugs and fulfills their “no chemicals” and “no latex” rules.

But the benefits don’t end there…most rugs are also reversible. The subtle appearance shift of the inverted pattern means you get two rugs in one! And the hand-bound edges lend a durable beauty to the rugs. These wool rugs live up to every facet of Hook & Loom’s “beautiful, comfortable, durable, safe, earth-friendly” mission.

  • Wool is from sheep that graze in northern India, at the foothills of the Himalayas. Merino sheep are very rare there, so Hook & Loom is able to avoid Merino wool so the sheep are not subjected to cruel mulesing.
  • Labor is inexpensive in India and mammals are treasured. This means time and care is taken when sheering, and nicks, scrapes and terror are avoided.
  • The rugs are hand-woven in Haryana, India, about two hours north of New Delhi. Their workshops have multiple looms overseen by managers who understand that employing child labor is both illegal and immoral.