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Organic Pillows

How to choose the right pillow

One of the most important keys to getting a good night’s sleep is choosing the right pillow. This is not always an easy selection to make, but we will try to help!

Your pillow must be the right height for your sleeping position.
  • Side sleepers need a relatively high, dense pillow to keep their head and spine aligned in a straight, natural position.
  • Back sleepers need a flatter pillow to keep their neck and spine aligned properly. And for extra neck support, a higher area along the front edge (under the neck) is helpful.
  • Those who sleep on their stomach need a very thin pillow.
  • People who switch positions during the night need a flat pillow while sleeping on their back or stomach, and a thicker pillow for the time on their side.
  • Our pillows, because they are adjustable, are ideal for all of these folks!
Your pillow must be in good condition.

Many people get so attached to their pillow that they don’t realize it’s worn out and not providing the comfort and support they need. To test your pillow fold it in half, squeeze out the air, and let go. If it doesn’t quickly spring back open it’s time for a new one.

Organic pillows cotton wool latexYour pillow must be made of the right materials.

Most store-bought pillows are filled with polyester or other synthetic fibers, synthetic rubber, or down and feathers, and are covered with conventionally grown (heavily pesticided) cotton fabric or a cotton/poly blend. Synthetic fillings and polyester fabrics are manufactured from petrochemicals which can off-gas toxic and sensitivity-causing fumes. Down and feather pillows harbor dust mites and cause allergic reactions in many people, plus the process used to harvest down is often cruel.

Our pillow covers are made of GOTS / USDA certified organic cotton and are filled with organic or natural plant-based materials…no synthetics! There are no formaldehyde finishes applied, no pesticide residues, no toxic flame-retardants, and no dioxins from bleaching. And because organic agriculture doesn’t use toxic, persistent pesticides, choosing organic is an easy way to help protect the earth for generations to come.

The ideal solution…an organic, chemical-free, adjustable pillow!

All of our organic pillows contain loose filling (woolly bolus, shredded latex or fluffy kapok) that can be customized to your preferred height and firmness by adding or removing some filling from the zippered cover. At bedtime your pillow can be shaped with a dip in the middle for back-sleeping and higher areas on the sides for mid-night switches, which means those who usually change sleeping positions during the night no longer have adjust their pillow at 2 am!

Additional filling can be purchased separately if your sleeping pattern changes or the filling gets matted down over time. And the organic cotton sateen cover can be machine washed to keep it clean and free of unwanted critters.  Washing your pillow with the filling still inside is not recommended because it would make quite a mess in your washer if the zipper came open, though some customers secure the zipper with safety pins or enclose the pillow in a laundry bag and wash the whole thing!

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