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7-Stage LivingWaters Purification System


4-cartridge, 7-stage inline water purifier, under-counter or counter-top, with LivingWaters’ CoolBlue® Technology


This four-cartridge, 7-stage water purifier and alkalizer is superior to reverse-osmosis systems because it incorporates LivingWaters’ patented CoolBlue® Technology to meet the NSF P-231 standards as a microbiological purifier while retaining the essential minerals your body needs to keep tissues and cells at an alkaline pH, thus improving your overall health and vitality.
– P231 certified removal of pathogens (bacteria, viruses, and cysts)
– Removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that give water bad tastes or odors
– Removal of disinfectant chemicals including chlorine and chloramine and toxic by-products including trihalomethane and haloacetic acid
– Removal of pesticides, herbicides, micro-plastics and pharmaceutical residues
– Removal of toxic PFAS (dangerous “forever” chemicals used in fire-fighting foam, waterproofing materials, non-stick coatings, etc.)
– Extended protection against toxic heavy metals including arsenic III & arsenic V, mercury, lead, uranium, chromium and selenium
– Extended reduction of fluoride

This is one of the only filter-based systems that will remove unhealthy water contaminants as effectively as Reverse Osmosis and distillation, yet unlike these technologies it preserves the healthy alkaline minerals in your water and there is no water wasted–like RO–and no electricity needed–like distillation.

Inside the horizontal housing on top of the unit is an acid-washed carbon finishing cartridge that makes the best tasting beverages possible by removing VOCs that might impart a bad flavor to the water, so the system is ideal for those who want great tasting water that is safer than bottled water, at a fraction of the price. Unlike our stand-alone Berkey® gravity-fed water purifiers, the LivingWaters™ system attaches to your plumbing or faucet and provides a continuous flow of clean water.

System includes:

  • LW10FRC Fluoride & Arsenic Reduction Cartridge
  • LW10ARG-A3 Argonide DEAL cartridge which attracts, captures and retains submicron particles including bacteria and virus.
  • LLW10PAC2.5DPAG Argonide SuperFilter for very fine sediment, turbidity, cysts, bacteria, virus, chlorine, tastes & odors.
  • LW12ILKCAC 12″ Inline Chemical Reduction Cartridge for extended chemical and chloramine protection.
  • Installation Kit with plumbing adapter, tubing, housing wrench and extra “O” ring
  • Undercounter system has Euro-style top-mount faucet for easy installation. Choice of finish: Chrome, Brushed Nickel, or Antique Brass


  • 15.25” high x 16.5” wide x 6” deep.
  • No power is required, so the system works in emergencies if you have water pressure.
  • High flow rates, even with low water pressure.
  • Makes alkaline water that is very healthy and delicious!
  • Note that to use the countertop system, your kitchen faucet must allow for a screw-on diverter valve…faucets with built-in sprayers usually do not work.

90-day unconditional money-back satisfaction guarantee; lifetime warranty on system parts except replaceable cartridges. Average service life of cartridges is one year, depending on water quality and usage. FREE shipping in the continental USA.


Counter-top-LWCT4, Under-counter-LWUC4


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