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Austin Air Replacement Filter


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Austin Air PurifiersWhen to replace your Austin Air filter

Austin Air filters are designed to last up to five years under normal residential use. Many air purifiers on the market today come with an indicator that tells you when to replace the filter. These devices provide only a measurement of time, not a true indication that the media is exhausted. To know when it’s time to replace an Austin Air filter, watch for a change in smell when it’s running; normally a sweet or sour smell, or an odor of ammonia or vinegar, indicates the unit needs a replacement filter.

How to select an Austin Air replacement filter

Replacement filters for all standard and junior size models are available here. Junior-size filters measure 11.5” high. Standard-size filters measure 14.5” high. All standard-size units are interchangeable with all standard-size filters; and likewise for junior-size units. So, if you purchased a Standard HealthMate and would like to upgrade to a Bedroom Machine, you can simply replace your old HealthMate filter with a new Bedroom Machine filter. See model comparison chart to learn about the differences. The choice of pre-filter color is just cosmetic: white pre-filters are normally used with White, Sandstone, Silver, Pink and Baby Blue units. Black and Midnight Blue units look best with a black pre-filter. All Bedroom and Pet Machines are standard-size, all Baby’s Breath are junior-size.

Read instructions for changing filter

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