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3- or 5-inch Organic Cotton & Wool Shikibuton


3- or 5-inch organic shikibuton made with organic cotton and organic wool. Soft.

organic cotton and wool shikibuton
two shikibutons atop two tatami mats

This organic cotton and wool shikibuton by Honest Sleep has a thick layer of organic cotton surrounded by organic virgin wool, encased in organic cotton fabric. This space-saving, foldable shikibuton is considered soft. This all-natural cotton and wool shikibuton is perfect for last-minute guests, camping trips, and kids rooms, as well as small living areas where it can be stored during the day and brought out to sleep on at night. This shikibuton is also available in a vegan version, with potato-based PLA replacing the wool for flame retardancy; contact us for information and to purchase.

Premium Organic Materials

Inside this shikibuton are USDA-certified cotton fiber and humanely raised GOTS-certified organic wool. It’s covered with GOTS-certified organic cotton 7 oz. twill fabric.

How to Support Your Shikibuton

For proper ventilation and support, your organic cotton and wool shikibuton should be placed on tatami mats on the floor, or on a coir pad placed on top of a slatted wood surface, such as the natural wood platform beds from Dapwood. For the budget-minded, we also offer a roll of wood slats that might work on your existing bed frame, depending on how it’s constructed. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about how to support your new shikibuton.

Lead Time and Shipping

Shikibutons are made-to-order in about a week at the Honest Sleep factory in San Francisco, CA; then rolled-up and sent directly to you via FedEx. We offer FREE SHIPPING in the continental USA; to ship elsewhere please contact us for a shipping quote. If you are asked to sign for the delivery, you will need to inspect the package for damage and have the truck driver note any problems, then report the damage to us immediately.


Twin: 38×75 | TwinXL: 38×80 | Full: 53×75 | Queen: 60×80 | Std King: 76×80 | CA King: 72×84
Because these mattresses are hand-made, finished dimensions may vary up to an inch.


Your all-natural shikibuton will be warrantied by the manufacturer to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of seven years, though life expectancy could be longer than that if properly maintained. The shikibuton is designed to conform to your individual shape, which may result in body contouring. This is normal and not a structural defect, but contouring over 1.5 inches in depth below the normal surface of the product is covered by the manufacturer’s Limited Warranty. Compression of 10-15% is normal for plant and animal fibers, and usually takes place in the first 60 days of daily use. To reduce body impressions and achieve the maximum useful life from your shikibuton, rotate and flip it every 2-3 weeks for the first six months, then continue to rotate and flip it every 3-4 months. Also, sleeping on all parts, including the center, will help avoid bumps where no one sleeps. The natural materials used in these shikibutons may have a slight odor upon arrival, which will fade away over time; and we do not warrant for smells. If you are very sensitive to smells, you can contact us to order sample materials prior to purchase. We recommend placing a coconut coir pad or Tatami mat underneath the mattress while in use, not directly on the floor, to create airflow and prevent mildew and mold. Read more warranty details.

Eco-Conscious Ways to Dispose of Your Old Mattress

If you are replacing a mattress, consider offering it for free on Craig’s List or Facebook Marketplace. Usually there’s someone out there who really needs a mattress, and they will come and pick it up! Or look for a local recycler at  Bye Bye Mattress or Earth911. Please do not send it to the landfill, if at all possible.

Note: Certain states have instituted a mattress recycling program, and we pay a recycling fee when we ship a mattress or foundation into these states. The current fee for California is $11 per item; Connecticut’s fee is $9 each; and Rhode Island’s fee is $10. For more information, see Bye Bye Mattress.


CA King, Full, Queen, Std King, Twin, TwinXL


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